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Mission Statement

Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory, Inc., is a professional, independent, not-for-profit, publicly supported, research institute dedicated to the discovery of new knowledge regarding the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Because the Laboratory is a not-for-profit enterprise, no organization or individual profits financially from its operation, and all discoveries resulting from ongoing research are freely given to the scientific and medical community through promptly reported peer-reviewed publications.

Wood Hudson's focus on three areas:

1. Study of clinical cases and experimental models of cancer to learn new methods of cancer prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment

2. Study of environmental causes of cancer, particularly food and drinking water chemicals

3. Provision of training and hands-on research for undergraduate students through its Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP).

Working Towards the Conquest of Cancer Through Research

Our programs and activities center on cancer research. Our research leads to new knowledge about cancer and solutions to the cancer problem. Our Biospecimen Repository facility is central to our ability to conduct research that validates targets for cancer therapy, and develops approaches to cancer diagnosis and prognosis. We have over 2 million human tissue cancer non-cancer specimens, representing over 65,000 cancer patients from Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. The Biospecimen Repository allows for the extension of research collaboration with other hospitals and universities, as well as pharmaceutical companies. We are studying biologic factors important in breast, colon, gastric, ovarian cancers and malignant melanomas, and are consequently potential targets for new cancer treatments.

While we collaborate with other facilities, our organization is independent. No person or shareholder benefits financially.The Laboratory is publicly supported, meaning discoveries resulting from ongoing research are given to the scientific and medical community through promptly reported peer-reviewed publications. In keeping with our independence and research on cancer, Wood Hudson is dedicated to educating and developing future scientists and physicians through our Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP), 350 students have graduated from UREP over the last 40 years. Our blend of programs and services sets us apart from other cancer-related organizations and positions us as an exceptional partner for scientific collaborations. It allows us to continue making important scientific impacts and avoids becoming obsolete, subsumed by another organization, or diversified to the point of distraction. Continued adherence to our mission, programs and services ensures the next 40 years will be successful and productive.

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