Winter 2018
Working with Students and Scientists Across Kentucky
The Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) is Kentucky’s statewide
scientific society composed of thousands of members across the
Commonwealth. This annual gathering of the diverse scientific community
introduces our Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP)
student interns to professional scientific research being shared in an
academic setting. The 104th annual meeting of the Kentucky Academy of
Science was hosted by Western Kentucky University. The educational
weekend began with poster presentations Friday, November 2 spanning
three floors of the Downing Student Union. Wood Hudson scientists and
UREP mentors, Dr. Leila Valanejad and Professor Diane Wilkening Fritz
aided KAS in judging the poster presentation session in the category of
Physiology & Biochemistry. The Friday evening event introduced the
National Corvette Museum, giving the inside story on the famous sinkhole, revealing how an interdisciplinary team of scientists
and technicians came together to study and repair the sinkhole, as well as develop the Corvette Cave-In Sinkhole Exhibit at the
museum. On Saturday, November 3, three of our UREP students competed with oral presentations. David Kelly earned the second
place award, in the category of Physiology & Biochemistry. Ryan Moore worked with Dr. Zachary
Taylor and Dr. Julia Carter to present preliminary research surrounding our current bladder cancer
findings relating to HSP-90, Cathepsin-L, and proteins of the MAPK pathway. Kalin Russell
presented recent outcomes of the ovarian project regarding the role of eIF4E in ovarian cancer with
the assistance of Dr. Julia Carter. David Kelley presented research surrounding early detection of
breast cancer through changes in amino acid metabolism under the guidance of Dr. Leila Valanejad.
We congratulate these efforts and also thank Ms. Denise Lucas, Dr. James Deddens and Dr. Larry
Douglass for their assistance with these research projects. Congratulations to Dr. Leila Valanejad
who was chosen as Secretary of the Physiology & Biochemistry Section for 2019. Dr. Julia Carter
was the Chairman of the Physiology & Biochemistry Section of the KAS for 2018.
Left to right: Kyle Damen, Ryan Moore, Kalen Russell, David Kelley,
Dr. Julia Carter, and Dr. Leila Valanejad at the Corvette Museum
Wood Hudson Welcomes Two New Trustees, Julie Overman and Dr. Ron Snyder
Julie is a Director in KPMG’s Risk Assurance
practice primarily focused on Internal Audit &
Enterprise Risk. She serves many clients deliver-
ing services focused on internal controls, risk
management, compliance and risk-based internal
audits. Prior to joining KPMG in 2012, Julie
worked in the Internal Audit Department at
Omnicare, a provider of comprehensive pharma-
ceutical services. She began her career at Deloitte in external
audit in 2006. Julie also currently serves as the Co-President of
the Institute of Internal Auditors – Cincinnati Chapter. Julie
holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Masters of Business
Administration from the University of Dayton. She currently
lives in Loveland with her husband and 2 year old daughter.
Julie Overman
Ron received his BS from Moravian College in
Bethlehem, PA and both an MS and PhD from
Emory University in Atlanta. He post-doc’d at
Oak Ridge National labs and Johns Hopkins. He
has played leadership roles in assessing the safety
of novel chemical entities for Stauffer Chemical
Co, Marion Merrell Dow, Abbott Labs, DuPont
Pharma, Bristol Myers Squibb, Schering-Plough
Pharma and most recently, Merck Pharma. He also spent two
years at WHCRL. He has authored or co-authored over 123 peer
-reviewed papers and book chapters which, excluding self-
citations have been cited over 4800 times in more than 1000
different scientific journals. Ron has remained active in scien-
tific societies and journal editorial review boards, and serves as
a consultant for Pharma in Genetic Toxicology.
Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays and
Happy New Year
from all of us at Wood Hudson!
Dr. Ron Snyder
David Kelley giving KAS presentation
Chipotle Fundraiser
The Fall Fest Wine Tasting
Wood Hudson wishes to thank Meier’s Wine Cellars in Silverton, OH for hosting The Fall
Fest Wine Tasting to benefit Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory. The event was held on
Saturday, October 13th, 2018 from 12:00 pm till 4:00 pm. A special thank you to Dr. Leila Valanejad
for organizing the event. It provided a great opportunity not only for many longtime supporters of the
Lab to get together but also the opportunity to introduce Wood Hudson to several new supporters.
They were given information on the important cancer research being conducted at the Lab and on the
successful Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP) available to local college/university
undergraduate students. Although it was a very cool fall day, all enjoyed the wine tasting, food, music,
and the special raffle which included 2 tickets to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Thank you to both
Meier’s and food vendor Smashed Roots for their generosity. Meier’s donated a percentage of the
proceeds from the wine tasting and Smashed Roots donated a percentage of their food sales for that
day. Student musicians, Tej Arole and Sean Morgan, of the Walton-Verona Independent School Band
of Walton, Kentucky donated their time and talent by providing the music venue-playing classic guitar
and drum pieces. Tej is a friend of Louis and Davis Fritz (the sons of Professor Diane Fritz of Wood
Hudson). Louis and Davis have volunteered at previous fundraisers for Wood Hudson. Sharing their experience at Wood Hudson
with their friends, resulted in recruiting these musicians for the event. These young men graciously volunteered to spend their day
supporting the Lab. Lastly, we would like to thank Sharon Wilson of Sharon Wilson Massage. Sharon volunteered to be at the
tasting to hopefully serve the cancer survivors and family that attended the event by providing an Oncology Massage. This is a
special type of massage developed specifically for cancer patients. Cancer patients have unique needs which must be addressed to
make sure that a massage is beneficial to their health. Her attention is focused on creating a gentle, nurturing environment for her
special clients to relax into. Thank you to everyone that participated to make this fun filled event so successful. All
proceeds from the event go to support the on-going cancer research conducted at the Lab.
On Tuesday July 24
, 2018 Chipotle Mexican Grill in Newport, KY (93 Carothers Rd,
Newport KY 41071) hosted a fundraiser for Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory.
Chipotle Mexican Grill graciously donated 33% of all proceeds collected between the hours of
5pm to 9pm to Wood Hudson. A special thank you to Undergraduate Research Education Pro-
gram student Kalin Russell (University of Cincinnati) for organizing this event that brought out students, friends and supporters
within the community. All the proceeds raised during this event will support breast cancer and ovarian cancer research conducted
at Wood Hudson.
Julia H. Carter, Ph.D., President & Chairman,
(Finance, Development, Scientific Affairs)
Robert J. Layton, C.P.A., Treasurer, (Finance, Chair)
Robert E. Sanders, Esq., Secretary,
(Legal Affairs, Chair, Development)
Sidney W. Carter, Ph.D., (Scientific Affairs)
Beverly F. Croskery, Ph.D.,
(Finance, Community Affairs, Development)
*Hillary Restle Donkin, M.H.S.A.,
(Community Affairs, Development)
Larry E. Douglass, M.D., (Scientific Affairs, Chair)
*Jeremy R. Graff, Ph.D., (Scientific Affairs)
*Douglas J. Hartman, M.D, (Scientific Affairs)
Kathleen M. Mueller, R.N., B.S.N., M.B.A.,
(Community Affairs, Co-Chair, Development)
Michael P. Murray, CFRE, (Community Affairs, Endowment, Chair)
Julie Overman, MBA, (Community Affairs)
Mark Shields, (Community Affairs, Development)
Ronald D. Snyder, Ph.D. (Scientific Affairs)
The Very Rev. Ronald W. Summers, D.Min., D.D.,
(Finance, Community Affairs)
*denotes former Undergraduate Research Education Program participant
The Wood Hudson Officers and Board of Trustees govern the not-for-profit, publicly supported organization. The
Trustees and Officers are ultimately responsible for Financial Planning, Legal Matters, evaluating and recruiting Research
Scientists and Research Collaborations, Fund Raising, Facilities, Audits and Strategic Planning. We thank this group of civic
minded individuals for donating their time and talents to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory.
Thank You Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory Board of Trustees and Officers
These fundraisers were in addition to the highly successful Flying
Pig Marathon and Ft. Thomas Corvette Club fundraisers that
together raised over $48,000! Note to all runners and volunteers:
the 21st Flying Pig Marathon will be May 5th, 2019!
We thank ALL volunteers, especially the Newsletter
Volunteers, led since 1995 by Georgia Kinman.
Without Georgia and her team, you would not be
reading this newsletter!
We Thank Foundations Supporting Our Mission 2018 & 2019
We give heartfelt thanks to the Chemed Corporate Foundation for their recent donation. On
October 25, 2018 Sandra E. Laney, President of the CHEMED FOUNDATION wrote: “At a recent
meeting of the Chemed Foundation, Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory was chosen as one of
the organizations to which we would give a year end contribution. Accordingly, on behalf of the Foundation, I am pleased to
enclose our check in the amount of $20,000 to support this worthy cause.” As we near the end of the year and begin 2019, this
unexpected gift is propelling our research forward by supporting Scientists’ and students’ salaries and purchase of research
supplies. This $20,000 gift is in addition to the generous $2,000 donation CHEMED FOUNDATION made to support the
August 2018 Ft. Thomas Corvette Club Cancer Research Benefit Car Show which benefitted the Wood Hudson Undergraduate
Research Education Program. Founded in 1991, the CHEMED FOUNDATION supports organizations involved with arts and
culture, education, housing, and human services. Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory is honored to have received this
generous and unexpected gift from this prestigious Foundation.
The Lexington Cancer Foundation
The Lexington Cancer Foundation’s philanthropic mission is to create awareness and
raise funds in the fight against cancer. The Foundation is also dedicated to improving the quality
of life for cancer patients and their families. In November 2017, the Lexington Cancer Foundation
announced the award of an $18,000 grant to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory for the purchase of an RTPCR
instrument. The grant is paid quarterly and we anticipate that we will soon be able to use this instrument to implement newer
techniques in several of our cancer research projects. On November 13, 2018, the Lexington Cancer Foundation announced the
award of a $5,000 grant to support the activities of the Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory Biospecimen Repository.
The Biospecimen Repository at Wood Hudson preserves over two million formalin fixed paraffin embedded surgical specimens
from St. Elizabeth Healthcare and The Christ Hospital. The archived tissues are studied anonymously for new targets for cancer
therapy. When needed by the patient, they are returned to the Hospital for further tests. This service costs Wood Hudson Cancer
Research Laboratory over $60,000 annually and is provided without cost to the Hospital and patients. We thank the Lexington
Cancer Foundation for their financial support and appreciate their Mission which is closely aligned to that of our organization.
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr/US Bank Foundation
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation is an independent family foundation
dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents in our region. The Foundation concentrates its
efforts and resources in areas about which Carol and Ralph were most passionate: Arts and Culture,
Community Development, Education and Human Services. In collaboration with the region’s stakeholders,
the Foundation helps lead the way to a strong and vibrant community across ten counties in Ohio,
Kentucky and Indiana. During their lifetime, Mr. and Mrs. Haile gave frequent gifts to Wood Hudson Cancer Research
Laboratory. One of the last gifts Mr. Haile gave to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory was used to purchase a color
photocopier which is still in use today. In December, 2017, The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation
awarded a $15,000 grant to support Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory Operating Costs during 2018. These funds were
used to support essential utility services such as gas and electric and water and sanitation for our facilities as well as to support
the salaries of mentors for UREP students. Notice was sent November 21, 2018 of another Grant Award from The Carol Ann
and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation in the amount of $15,000 to be used for General Operating Support during 2019.
This continued financial support from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation for the 2019 Wood Hudson
Cancer Research Laboratory Operating Budget is very welcome and greatly appreciated.
The R.C. Durr Foundation
The R.C. Durr Foundation is dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy
of its benefactor Mr. R.C. Durr. R.C. Durr (1919-2007) was a successful
entrepreneur, a life-long resident of Northern Kentucky, and a generous, quiet
philanthropist who had an abiding compassion for the less fortunate. The R.C.
Durr Foundation provides philanthropic support to improve the quality of life of the larger Northern Kentucky
region and its people, with particular emphasis on education, social services and community development. During
his lifetime R.C. Durr gave financial help for many Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory renovation
projects including the renovation of the adjacent burned-out Corpus Christi Convent into two income-producing homes for low
to moderate income families and the renovation of at least three former classrooms in the Corpus Christi School Building into
modern cancer research laboratories. He also supported the Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP). In May 2018,
Wood Hudson received the third $10,000 installment of a three-year grant to fund the salaries of Northern Kentucky
undergraduates working in UREP. In November, 2018 we received word that another three-year $30,000 grant to support the
salaries of Northern Kentucky undergraduates in UREP ($10,000 per year) will be awarded for 2019, 2020 and 2021. The
Wood Hudson Trustees, Students and Staff greatly appreciate the long time partnership of Mr. R.C. Durr and the R.C. Durr
Foundation in our cancer research and education mission his generous support and that of the R.C. Durr Foundation have had
a lasting impact on our institution.
In Memoriam (Memorial Gifts 11/30/17-11/30/18)
Our Friends & Sisters who have
fought this battle
Knitwits Customers
Jeff Abramis
Joyce Wehner
Dr. Wesley Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Dreyfoos
Sadigh Allahe
Mary Anne Charron
Dr. Charles F. Allnutt
Kathleen C. Allnutt
David Lane Baarendse
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Diane L. Edwards
Joan S. Edwards
Buddy Barnes
Diane Easterling
Mary Greenwood
Glen Barnes
James and Juanita Crenshaw
Donald Bauer
Jack and Susan Buecker
Betty Goodwin
Thomas S. Benjamin
Lois G. Benjamin
Robert Binder
Dr. Frank Scudder & Judy Knueven
Arlene Birkenhauer
Len Bonomini
Michael & Sally Muehlenkamp
Deborah Borman
Elizabeth Cooley
Judy & Jerry Dierig
Clifford & Marilyn Perkins
Jennifer Bradford
Dennis & Judy Bradford
Dr. Julia Carter
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Louise Brushett
Lois VonStrohe
Deanna and Rocky Tye
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Jim Bunning
Bev Holiday
Diane Campbell
Bev Holiday
Ruth Capal
Jane A. Broering
Linda Tretter
Mary K. Wimmers
Dr. Harry Carter
Margaret Blau-Anderson
Dr. Julia Carter
Dr. & Mrs. C. F. Galang
Terry Colcord
Sharon Colcord
Jennie Dailey
Laurie & Mike Hagar
Robert Dameron
Peggy Dameron
Donald Dammert
Carole Ewald
Carol Devenny
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Inez Davis
Dr. Julia Carter
Bob Dierig
Jerry and Judy Dierig
Joann Dittrich
Fred Dittrich, Jr.
Betty Drake
Glenn and Catherine Roberts
June Dykstra
Doug & Carolyn Hibbard
Walter C. Elbert
Joe and Kim Kaufman
Karen Enlow
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Deco and Dolores Farris
Pamela S. Phillips
Verna Fenhoff
Kris & Gordon Wilshire
Virginia Fitterer
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Bob Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gerrein
G. France
Kimberly Silber
Allen Fulmer
Charlene Rasche/HHS Class of 1960
Rick Furnish
Bev Holiday
Charles Goettsch
Dr. Julia Carter
Laurie Hagar
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Veid and Veid
Adam Gosney
Michael & Sally Muehlenkamp
Charles E. Griffin
Carol A. Griffin
Fred Harding
Peggy B. Leonard
Marvin Harms
Jack and Susan Buecker
Mary Lou Harris
Ferd & Susan Grau
Dr. Bob Hemmer
Bev Holiday
Merlyn Heusinkveld
Ft. Thomas Corvette Club
Charles Hibbard
Doug & Carolyn Hibbard
Randy Hibbard
Steve and JoAnn Beyersdoerfer
Carolyn and Doug Hibbard
Peggy Lukens
Doug Hoffmeister
Michael and Sally Muehlenkamp
Percy & Julia Hudson
Dr. Julia Carter & Family
Susan & John Collamore
Shirley Huelsman
Anne P. McBee
Shirley Hunter
Shirley & Bob Sanders
Susan Jansen
Carole Ewald
John C. Johnston
Ferd and Sue Grau
Patricia Kiefer
Roger Kiefer
John Kovatch
Bill and Emily Malone
Bernie Kramer
Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Graff
Bob Krieg
Mary Dierig
George LaBella
Mike Listerman & Ken Kippenbrock
Gene E. Landrum
Patricia Landrum
Clara Leake
Dr. Julia Carter
Jack Leonard
Peggy Leonard
Steve Leonard
Danna Lewis
Robert and Sandy Tolle
Adalene Linville
Patricia Binder
Charyn Lonneman
Jerome & Judith Dierig
Norman Lucas
Jeanne Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. George Lumb
Susan & John Collamore
Kenneth A. MacKay
Lance S. and Joan S. Cox
Margaret Mader
Catherine E. Gregory
Ursula Maliszewski
Ferd and Sue Grau
Susan and Mer Grayson
Bob Marksberry
Mike & Laurie Hagar
Joyce McCauly
Dr. Julia Carter
Inge Sexton
Donald J. McGrath
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Listerman
Lester McGraw
Mary Lou Halpin
Shawna Meeks
James Vogelpohl & Family
Judith Miller
Lance S. and Joan S. Cox
H. Mitchell
Kimberly Silber
Tom Mitts
Beverly Holiday
Tony Moore
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Marieanne Naples
Roseanne and Walter Seebeck
William C. Neuroth
Jane McGraw
Daryl Noggler
Harold Dimond
Vincent Oriola
Juanita Schroder
Karen Osborne
Susan and Mer Grayson
Jackson Pemberton, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Jackson Pemberton
Carrie and Peter Petersen, Sr.
Dr. Julia H. Carter
David Pfetzer
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Henry Pogue IV
Jane Hlad
Daniel Poos
Susan Whitehead
Hubie Pope
Robert & Shirley Sanders
Richard Prince
Lois VonStrohe
Edward Reynolds
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Grayce Ricciardi
Jayne A. Adamo-Aidala
Arnold Preservation Council
Dr. Julia Carter
Tarabicos Grosso, LLP
Mayor J. W. Ricciardi
Dr. & Mrs. C. F. Galang
Dorothy Richie
Carole Ewald
Laurie Richmond
Doug and Carolyn Hibbard
Gloria Riehl
Bev Holiday
Bill Robinson
Bev Holiday
Mary Lou Ross
Doug and Carolyn Hibbard
Iceline Scheben
Mr. William J. Scheben, Jr.
Richard Simon
Carroll & Dolores Caldwell
Scott Skinner
Janelle R. Skinner
Richard & Audrey Skinner
Annette Smith
Mel & Connie Dreyfoos
Betty Smith
Dr. Julia Carter
Laurie Hagar
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Juanita Smith
Bev Holiday
Roy S. Smith
Laurie & Mike Hagar
Mark Modlin
Smith Jones Consulting, LLC
Virginia Smith
Stanley W. Smith
Laurie Hagar
Charlene Soell
Jane McGraw
Jasper Southworth
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Gert Sprotts
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Gary and Georgia Kinman
James Sprotts
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Rocky & Deanna Tye
Lori Majancsik Staggs
Helen Bartlett
Fred and Kelly Beagle
Dennis and Judy Bradford
Fritz and Linda Buschmann
Susan Byrley
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Challis
Judy Cohn
Elizabeth Cooley
Fred Dittrich
Nancy J. Fedders
Jerry and Dora Helen Fields
Betty Goodwin
Bruce and Marlene Gosney
Sara Morlidge Hamel
Dave and Terri Hill
IRS Co-Workers
Tim and Diane Keeler
Angie King and Family
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Korner Kuts
Christi Kramer
Connie Morgan
Terry or Linda Morris
Carol Onest
Frances Pollard
Charlene Rasche
Norma Rebholz
David and Sheryl Reed
Dolores Schwab
Inge Sexton
St. Andrew’s Choirs
Susan Swain
Jackie Thornton
SPP Lego Teams
Gary and Marianne Twehues
Lois VonStrohe
Sharon and Carl Williams
Kris and Gordon Wilshire
Mary Wimmers
Bill Steele
Jeanne Steele
In Memoriam (Memorial Gifts 11/30/17-11/30/18) - continued
Tyler Steinhauser
Denny and Judy Bradford
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Tom and Roberta Casey
Ft. Thomas Corvette Club
The Halpin Family
Charlene Rasche
Walter & Helen Steinhauer
Drew and Judith Vargo
Doris Ann Stortz
Gary and Stephanie Faulkner
Mary Lou Summers
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Robert and Charlene Summers
Rev. Dr. Ronald Summers
Marian Sumner
Mike Listerman
Gary Thompson
Charlene E. Rasche
Jane Thompson
Bev Holiday
Janet Thompson
Catherine E. Gregory
Carrie Irvin Trout
Cindy and Ares Marasligiller
Judge Frank Trusty
Bev Holiday
Judy Vargo
Betty Goodwin
Verna Vardiman
Edwin L. Vardiman
William VonStrohe
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Lois VonStrohe
Larry Walters
Jack and Susan Buecker
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Tom and Roberta Casey
Ft. Thomas Corvette Club
Donald L. Weber
Patricia M. Wilkens
Dottie Weeks
Mike & Laurie Hagar
Rich Williams
Doug & Carolyn Hibbard
Ann Winburn
Mary K. Wimmers
Thomas W. Witt, Sr.
Hauser Group
Ellie Woeste
Edwin Woeste
Sidney & Mary Wood
Dr. Julia Carter
Judy Wordeman
Tom & Roberta Casey
Juanita Yutze
Mary Lou Halpin
Dr. Thomas F. Zuck
Susan Zuck
Susan Zuck
Patricia M. Carey, M.D.
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Percy Carter
Jerome and Jean Eichert
Carole Ewald
Jean Gelvin
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Andrea Wiot
Special Occasions 11/30/17-11/30/18
Our Friends & Sisters who have
fought this battle
Knitwits Customers
Sharon Adkins—Breast Cancer
Laurie Hagar
Bonnie M. Bigley
Lance & Joan Cox
Evan Birmingham
Acceptance to UK Medical
Peter & Marilyn Birmingham
K. Butler
Kimberly Silber
Anniversary—Dr. & Mrs. Per-
cy Carter
Dr. Julia Carter
20th Anniversary of Bryo
Synthesis—Dr. Percy Carter
Dr. Julia H. Carter
L. Chadwick
Kimberly Silber
Mr. and Mrs. Mer Grayson
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Dreyfoos
Poster Presentation—Jordan
Smith Jones Consulting, LLC
Anniversary—Gary and
Georgia Kinman
Pat Binder
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Graduation—Brianna Noak
Walter and Roseanne Seebeck
Y. Perkins
Kimberly Silber
In Honor of the Phyliky Family
Anne-Marie Scholer
Dr. Jim Bob Plunkett
Thomas & Ina Spaeth
Anniversary—Roy & Virginia
Smith Jones Consulting, LLC
Virginia R. Smith
Mike Hagar
Birthdays -
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Pat Binder
Gary and Georgia Kinman
Dr. Percy Carter
Dr. Julia Carter
Susan Collamore
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Dr. Beverly Croskery
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Dr. Larry Douglass
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Mike Hagar
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Rob Layton
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Julia Ann Phyliky
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Bob Pullman
Dr. Julia Carter
Charlene Rasche
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Virginia Smith
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Rev. Dr. Ronald Summer
The Carter Family
Lois VonStrohe
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Dr. Joseph B. Williams
Fred & Joann Williams
Susan Zuck
Dr. Julia H. Carter
In Honor of Thanksgiving
Gary and Georgia Kinman
For Christmas -
Randy & Marilyn Clark
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Lois VonStrohe
Dr. & Mrs. C. F. Galang
Michelle & Neal Bensley
Dr. Julia Carter
Pam & Kim McKean
Grayce Ricciardi
For Easter-
Gary & Georgia Kinman
Get Well—Mark Modlin
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Thank you for WH Board
Dr. Percy Carter
Becky Jones
Judy Knueven
Mark Modlin
Dr. Julia Carter
Laurie Hagar
Thinking of You
Breast Cancer Free
Holly Best
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Dennis Humbert
Pampered Chef
Wood Hudson Mission Statement
Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory, Inc. is a professional, independent, not-for-profit, publicly supported,
research institute dedicated to the discovery of new knowledge regarding the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
of cancer. Because the Laboratory is a not-for-profit enterprise, no organization or individual profits financially from its
operation, and all discoveries resulting from ongoing research are freely given to the scientific and medical community
through promptly reported peer-reviewed publications.
Wood Hudson approaches the cancer problem three ways:
1) study of clinical cases and experimental models of cancer to learn new methods of cancer prevention, diagnosis,
prognosis, and treatment
2) study of environmental causes of cancer, particularly food and drinking water chemicals, and
3) provision of training and “hands-on” research experience for tomorrow’s scientists and physicians through its
Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP).
Wood Hudson Thanks Its Contributors and Supporters
Research Partners
BMS Matching Gift Foundation
Carol & Ralph Haile/USBank
Dr. & Mrs. Percy H. Carter
Dr. Julia H. Carter
Chemed Corporation Foundation
I Have Wings Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of
Greater Cincinnati
The R.C. Durr Foundation
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Mrs. Jeanne F. Steele
Wood Hudson
Laura Burns
Dr. & Mrs. Sid Carter
Chas. H. Bilz Ins. Agency, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Larry E. Douglass
Douglass Charitable Fund
E D I, Incorporated
Episcopal Church Women of St.
Andrews and Congregation
Ft. Thomas Corvette Club
Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Graff
Dave & Phyllis Green
Laurie & Mike Hagar
The Herzog-Beckman Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hibbard
Hofbrauhaus Newport, LLC
Jim Bunning Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kinman
Judith A. Knueven
Donna Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murray
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Park
Dr. & Mrs. Jackson Pemberton
William & Elizabeth Scheben
Anne Marie Scholer
Scripps Howard Foundation
UBS Matching Gifts Foundation
Jennifer Williams
Roger L. Williams
The Yearlings
Associates in Research
Linda Adams
David Agee
Fred Allen
Kathleen C. Allnutt
Kenneth Arlinghaus
Steve & Joann Beyersdoerfer
Ms. Patricia Binder
Andrew F. Blust
Donald & Robin Bohn
John D. Borches
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bradford
Brand Insurance Agency, Inc
George & Mary Jo Budig
John A. Buecker
Wanda Bush
Cadre Computer Resources
Patricia M. Carey, M.D.
Thomas L. Casey
Cincinnati Marathon, Inc
John & Susan Collamore
Bruce & Eva Colligan
Colin F. Conroy
Ms. Elizabeth Cooley
Mr. & Mrs. Lance S. Cox
Crescent Paper Tube Co.
Drs. Robert & Beverly Coskery
David P. Curry
Peggy Dameron
Fred B. Devitt III
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome A. Dierig
Fred Dittrich, Jr.
Bill Dobbling
Doctors’ Urgent Care Offices
Joan S. Edwards
Ron Ellis
Energy Insurance
Karen & Gail Enlow
Rebecca Eno
Carole J. Ewald
Executive Transportation Service
Joseph Farrell
Gloria D. Fennell
Thomas R. Foertsch
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Fritz
Dr. & Mrs. Cirilo F. Galang
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Gerrein
Barbara & William Goggin
Elizabeth J. Goodwin
Ferdinand & Susan Grau
Mrs. Carol A. Griffin
Dr. & Mrs. Doug Hartman
Hauser Group
Jan Rue & Mark Heusinkveld
Jane Hlad
Bev Holiday
Martin Huelsmann
Dennis Humbert
Bernadette M. Hurst
Tim & Diane Keeler
Keen Parts Inc.
Dr. & Judge James Keller
Kerry Chevrolet
Kroger Community Rewards
Michael & Nancy Lane
Robert J. Layton
Patricia A. Lee
Mr. Charles R. Lingo
Listerman Groundskeeping
Emily Lobert
Susan Lohrey
Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Longshore
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Love
William Malone
Joseph Mahlmeister
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Martin
Anne Perkins McBee
McClusky Chevrolet
Dorothy Meier
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Meier
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Menke
Messer Construction Co.
Joseph A. Milburn
Mark Modlin
Terry or Linda Morris
Kathleen M Mueller
Network for Good
Jane V. Oberschmidt
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2017 Audited Financial Statements Show Why Your Financial Support is
Vital to Our Cancer Research
Direct costs of
Cancer Research
Indirect costs
Fund raising
% of Total Expenditures 2017
($861,007 = 100%)
from the
General Public
Sale of
Source of Funds 2017 (%)
($861,007 = 100%)
The 2017 Audited Financial Statements prepared by Rudler, PSC, CPA (Ft. Wright, KY) are summarized in the
graphs below. The total expenditures during 2017 were $861,007. Of these expenditures, $769,124 (89.3% of the total
expenditures) were on the direct costs of cancer research, including scientists salaries, costs of research reagents and
supplies and publication costs. Indirect costs including, licenses and registration fees, insurance, utilities, and
management salaries were $74,436. Only 2% of our expenditures ($17,447) were on fundraising, thanks in large part
to the numerous volunteers who help with fundraising tasks.
As our former Trustee, the late Janet Block Rosen, loved to say, “Research costs money and without money
there can be no research.” Over half of the $861,007 spent during 2017 came from donations from YOU, the general
public. All of us at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory, the Trustees, Scientists, Staff and Students, thank
YOU for making our cancer research possible!
Thank you for your support!
931 Isabella St.
Newport, KY 41071
The Conquest of Cancer Through Research
Scan the QR code with your Smartphone to
be directed to our “Donate Page” where you
can make a donation to Wood Hudson!
Merry Christmas
Happy New
As the year ends, we thank the Wood Hudson Trustees and other Volunteers who have donated their
time and talents to help move our organization forward. We also thank the numerous individuals, businesses,
organizations and foundations who have provided the money to fund our ongoing cancer research. Working
together we have made strides in discovering new knowledge about cancer that has been reported to the
scientific and biomedical community in seven reports, increased our research staff with additional highly
accomplished scientists, and provided eighteen opportunities for “hands-on” research experience to talented
undergraduate science majors – the future physicians, scientists and teachers who will serve our community.
How You Can Support Our Cancer Research Mission
1) Did you know that Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory is a Gold Level Guidestar charity? Check
us out at guidestar.org.
2) Our Annual Fund Drive has started — our goal this year is to raise funds for our research of human breast,
ovarian, lung, colon and bladder cancers as well as sponsorships for students working and learning in the
Undergraduate Research Education Program. Donations from individuals, groups of individuals, businesses
and organizations are appreciated and needed. Grants from Foundations, Corporations and Government
entities are also being sought in this highly competitive environment. Thank you for whatever support you
can give to our Annual Fund Drive.
3) Need to take your IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)? For those who qualify (over 70 1/2
years of age), any time before December of each year you can contact your banker or IRA administrator to
donate directly to Wood Hudson, and save the tax burden while helping our good cause.
4) Donating appreciated stock to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory is an efficient way to avoid
capital gains tax and potentially obtain a charitable donation deduction.
5) Have stock that has appreciated and can’t determine cost? Give us a call and we can help you!
For more information on these or other philanthropy options, please contact Wood Hudson President, Dr. Julia Carter at 859-581-7249
or jcarter@woodhudson.org or Wood Hudson Treasurer, Robert Layton, CPA at rlaytoncpa1@gmail.com or 813-575-9199.
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage Paid
Covington, KY
Permit No. 116