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March 2022 eNews






UREP Student Brianna Hoegermeyer Gives Report at Kentucky Honors Roundtable

Brianna Hoeg.

Brianna Hoegermeyer, UREP student from 2020-2021 and an honor student at Thomas More University presented her Wood Hudson project at the Kentucky Honors Roundtable at Murray State University on March 4-5.  This conference is a collegiate conference of different college honors programs from around the state. Brianna's project was one of two abstracts accepted from Thomas More University, and one of 48 overall.


Brianna's research project was entitled “Phosphoserine Phosphatase (PSPH) Expression and Breast Cancer Progression in Women.”  She studied the serine biosynthesis pathway in surgical specimens and proposed that increased serine biosynthesis was essential for development and progression of breast cancer in women.  Brianna did this immunohistochemistry project at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory, along with two other Thomas More students, Anna Oliverio and Angel Rapp.


Brianna is a Senior at Thomas More University and President of the Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society.











2022 Flying Pig Marathon--Support Wood Hudson

Flying Pig


One of our top fundraising events will be here before we know it!  Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon is on May 1st this year.  Register here.  Be sure to choose Wood Hudson as your Flying Pig Charity (call the lab at 859-581-7249 for our code).  You'll get a discount on your race fees.  Then make a donation directly to Wood Hudson Cancer Research in the amount of your discount, or more!  When you run a Flying Pig race for Wood Hudson, not only will you have a blast, but you'll be making a difference for cancer research as well! Hurry--several of the events are filling up fast. The Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Open Relay, 3-Way Challenge, and 4-Way Challenge are all over 80% full, so register as soon as possible!









Piggest Raffle Ever

piggest raffle.jpg


In conjunction with the Flying Pig Marathon, support Wood Hudson by "adopting pigs" (buying raffle tickets).  


**For every $5 Piggest Raffle Ever ticket purchased on behalf of Wood Hudson, 100% will be retained by Wood Hudson.**


Even if you don't win the raffle, you can still feel good knowing that you have made a generous donation to Wood Hudson Cancer Research.  But if you are lucky-- winners will receive (1st place) $5,000 and $5,000 for the chosen charity; (2nd place) $2,500 and $2,500 for the chosen charity; or (3rd place) a Cincinnati Experience, consisting of vouchers valued at $1,500.   This is the most fun way to donate to cancer research!  Visit piggestraffleever.com to "adopt a pig."  The drawing will take place on May 1st.


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