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October 2021 eNews

Running for a Cause

Written By: Bernadette Hurst Hartman


When I describe Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory and Dr. Carter, I describe them as “A Force for Good”.


I started my connection to Wood Hudson as an Undergraduate Research Student.  I was a biology major at the University of Cincinnati and gained invaluable hands-on cancer research experience at the lab.  Upon graduation I was fortunate to be hired on as Research Associate/ Histotechnologist.  In that role I participated in groundbreaking cancer research with phenomenal colleagues.  While at Wood Hudson, I earned my histotechnologist (HTL) certification through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).  I became quite proficient at developing immunohistochemical protocols to detect cancer biomarkers.  Some of this research went on to support the development of cancer treatment therapies and diagnostic markers.  I also worked on studies of environmental causes of cancer, particularly drinking water chemicals, sparking my passion for conservation and protecting our environment. 


My experience at Wood Hudson allowed me to work with a knowledgeable, dedicated, driven, trained, and conscientious team.  That team makes a difference in cancer research and training.  Wood Hudson produces solid peer-reviewed research evident in their many publications and presentations available to the scientific community.


Wood Hudson set a good foundation for me.  I went on to work in the clinical trial industry and earn a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems from Northern Kentucky University and a Master's in Public Health with a concentration in Health Care Policy and Administration from Case Western Reserve University. 


After earning my MPH, I have helped with grants and have successfully submitted IRB protocols for the Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory Biospecimen Repository Center.


I currently work for Farm To Table Western PA, promoting eating fresh, and buying local.  I also serve on the board for Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy. I enjoy spending time with my family, running, traveling, biking, hiking, climbing, paddleboarding, gardening, and exploring the outdoors.


On October 30 and 31 I will be running for Wood Hudson the Cincinnati Flying Pig Skyline 3-way challenge.  The challenge includes the Toyota 10K, Tri-State Running Company 5K, and the Paycor Half Marathon.  I have also supported Wood Hudson through purchasing raffle tickets for the piggest raffle ever.

       Flying Pig Returns to Flight Oct. 29-31, 2021

You can be like Bernadette and support Wood Hudson by running a Flying Pig race!  The 23rd Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is live and in person on October 29-31, 2021.  Wood Hudson has been a participating charity in the marathon for fifteen years, and it is one of our top fundraising events.  Fall virtual registrants can convert their registration to in-person events if desired, or anyone can run the virtual race, if preferred.  Are you in Michigan?  Run the Flying Pig there!  Are you in Texas?  Run your race there!  Call Wood Hudson at (859) 581-7249 for a code that gives you a discount on your registration fee.  Use your discount, and donate the money saved to Wood Hudson.  You'll get a swag bag, and you'll accomplish something you can brag about!  Lace up your running shoes, grab some friends, and Run for a Cure!

Piggest Raffle Ever!

In conjunction with the Flying Pig Marathon, don't miss the PIGGEST RAFFLE EVER!  A raffle ticket costs $5.  You can buy tickets online at  Whether you buy one ticket or a hundred, 100% of your purchase price goes to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory.  In this way, everyone wins and cancer research wins, but think, YOU JUST MIGHT WIN the drawing as well!  If your ticket is drawn on October 31, 2021, you will win:

  • Grand Prize: $10,000 cash, $5,000 of which will be distributed to the holder of the winning Ticket and $5,000 of which will be distributed to the Vendor that sold the ticket to the winner (Wood Hudson!).
  • Second Prize: $5,000 cash, $2,500 of which will be distributed to the holder of the winning Ticket and $2,500 of which will be distributed to the Vendor that sold the ticket to the winner (Wood Hudson!).
  • Third Prize: A Cincinnati Get-Away Experience ($1,500 in Downtown Cincinnati---vouchers which can be used at various Downtown Cincinnati restaurants, hotels, and attractions).

All proceeds raised from this fun event will support Wood Hudson's Undergraduate Research Education Program (UREP).  Thank you for supporting Wood Hudson Cancer Research and Good Luck to us!

Anna Oliverio Begins a Post-Baccalaureate Program at NIH

I can’t believe that I have already been living in Rockville, Maryland working as a National Institutes of Health (NIH) postbac student in the Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) program in Dr. George Kunos’s lab for two months already. Dr. Kunos’s lab is part of the division of the NIH called the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). His lab focuses on the endocannabinoid system and the roles it plays in lung fibrosis, obesity, diabetes, and alcoholism. So far, I have spent lots of time becoming acquainted with the lab and pouring through research articles about cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB1) and the many ways researchers are trying to understand its involvement in many types of diseases. I think my favorite part so far has been learning to work with mice. I never expected to take such a liking to working with research animal models. In addition, I like that I was given the honor of sharing my past work done with the Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory. I was glad I took thorough notes and even wrote a paper on serine biosynthesis and breast cancer while at Wood Hudson to assist me in tackling the many questions Dr. Carter’s project generated. My time at Wood Hudson and as an undergraduate biology major at Thomas More University has prepared me well for this experience. It is such a pleasure to work in the lab and relate what I am doing to what I have learned previously or to build off of what I have already learned. 

Summer UREP 2021

       Wood Hudson's virtual summer Undergraduate Research and Education Program (UREP) has concluded for 2021.  Eighteen students, four scientists, and numerous guest speakers worked to complete this intense program, which lasted from May 10th to August 11th.  Hear what a few students have to say about their experience:

       Sarisha Lohano from Western Kentucky University writes:

The Wood Hudson Cancer Laboratory’s UREP was an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot throughout the program from the textbook and connect assignments as well as the various speakers. The virtual speakers had great presentations on different types of cancers, research tips, and statistics. I thought that the virtual format of the program was organized really well. In the future, I would like to see lab work mixed with the online format. In my opinion, writing my own proposal for my chosen provocative question helped me learn more about applying the scientific method, and doing scientific research and writing. I enjoyed presenting my proposal.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the UREP program." 

       Olivia Jenkins, from Xavier University, writes:

I found the UREP to be an extremely insightful and rewarding program that not only taught me so much about cancer, but also made me rethink my future career. I wanted to go into orthopedics prior to this program, but I am now strongly considering a career focused on research instead. This program really was incredibly educational, from the guest speakers, to the journal club presentations, to Professor Glib, Dr. Carter, Dr. Douglas, and Dr. Snyder. I'm very grateful to have been a part of it.  It is amazing to be able to have the freedom to research whatever it is that you want with cancer. Rather than acting as superiors, I felt that the mentors treated us as equal collaborators and offered a helping hand when it was needed. They encouraged us every step of the way and were very helpful and enthusiastic about teaching us. This was definitely an experience I'm thankful for, especially given the modifications made because of COVID-19.

       UREP is funded by private donations from people like you.  Thank you so much to all our donors for making this program possible!  You can be a part of this great work and make a donation to UREP HERE.  UREP is also funded through grants from PNC Charitable Trusts, the R.C. Durr Foundation, and the Chemed Foundation.  We thank these organizations for their support.


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