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October 2022 eNews






October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been an annual event since 1985. The goal of this yearly event is to improve education, promote regular screenings, encourage fundraising, and support those who have been diagnosed. Wood Hudson Cancer Research Lab has been studying breast cancer since its founding in 1980, and currently surgical specimens from over 11,000 patients at St. Elizabeth Healthcare are preserved in the Wood Hudson Biospecimen Repository. Specimens are returned to the hospital when needed by the patient or for further diagnoses or treatment. These tissues are studied by Wood Hudson scientists using protocols approved by the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Institution Review Board. Currently, Dr. Erik Bey, Senior Staff Scientist at Wood Hudson, is working on a breast cancer study to better understand the role of changes in tumor metabolism in development of breast tumors and their invasion and metastasis to distant sites. Such studies can lead to the development of more effective therapies for treating breast cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in US women, second only to lung cancer. 

Breast cancer research at Wood Hudson has been supported by many individuals and foundations. A prominent example is the I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation, whose generous donations have supported our research for many years.


New Student Profile

men tran My name is Men Tran (Mia) and I come from Vietnam. I’m a junior at Northern Kentucky University pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Cellular/ Molecules/ Genetics. I have been in the U.S. for almost three years. During the last few years at NKU, I took Microbiology, Genetics, Ecology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and many other science classes. I have been involved in research since my sophomore year and have always sought out research opportunities as much as possible. I have been passionate about sciences and research since I was younger, and this opportunity at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory is a great experience to prepare me for my future path.


Men Tran is one of the three students learning tissue culture techniques with Dr. Bey, and hopes to assist with his breast cancer study.



Happy 100th Birthday to Corpus Christi School Building!

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Corpus Christi School Building pictured on Oct. 28, 2022

The Corpus Christi School building was constructed at a cost of $80,000 in 1922. It had 430 elementary and 60 high school students. 14 nuns lived in the adjacent Convent and taught at the school. The school was open from 1923 until 1985, when the four Catholic elementary schools in Newport were combined into one. Wood Hudson Cancer Research Lab purchased the Corpus Christi School and Convent from the Diocese of Covington in June 1990. This purchase was made possible by a municipal bond authorized by the City of Newport. We are grateful that Father Daniel Saner, Pastor of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, wanted to keep the building as an educational institution. Since moving into the Corpus Christi School building, nearly 400 undergraduate science students have participated in the Wood Hudson Undergraduate Research Education Program. Adaptive reuse of the school building for our research laboratory required updating plumbing and electricity, moving in laboratory equipment, and converting former classrooms into research space. Hundreds of individuals and nearly all the foundations in the Greater Cincinnati Area helped fund the purchase and renovation of the Corpus Christi School building. Of course, being a one-hundred-year-old building in what has become a historic neighborhood requires constant upkeep and repairs! We gratefully welcome any donors, with or without a connection to Corpus Christi School, who would like to make a donation to support the ongoing maintenance of this beautiful building. 



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