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Thank you Fort Thomas Corvette Club

and all car enthusiasts! 


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The 21st Annual Ft. Thomas Corvette Club Car Show to benefit Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory was held in the Hofbrauhaus Newport parking lot on August 13th. The event raised $24,666 in donations from trophy sponsors, the Bourbon Raffle, and sponsorship donations, as well as a generous 10% of food sales during the time of the car show by Hofbrauhaus. The show included 217 cars of all makes and models, old and new. Car clubs from Louisville, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio traveled to Newport to support the event. We thank all car enthusiasts who showed their beautiful vehicles, and all those who came to view these showpieces. Many visitors bought Bourbon Raffle tickets, which gave them the chance to win unique and valuable bottles of bourbon, donated by friends of of the Fort Thomas Corvette Club. 74 memorial trophies were given to car show participants, including Best of Show, Wood Hudson Award, and Veteran's trophies. The conscientious and dedicated work of the Ft. Thomas Corvette Club members for so many years is greatly appreciated. Over the years, over $300,000 has been raised by the car show to support cancer research and education activities at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Lab. 

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Thank you for making it possible!



Fall Semester Students Interviewed

beakers lab

A total of ten students from Northern Kentucky University and Mt. St. Joseph University have applied for six on-site student research positions. Three students will be working in tumor biomarker studies for breast, ovarian, and bladder cancer; three others will be learning mammalian tissue culture and sterile technique. All six students will participate in joint projects such as journal clubs, where students are given the opportunity to practice scientific communication skills. Dr. Julia Carter and Dr. Larry Douglass will be working with the students studying cancer biomarkers, and Dr. Erik Bey will be working with the students learning tissue culture procedures. The project to restore laboratory research experience to undergraduates is sponsored this year by the R. C. Durr Foundation, the Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust, and the Chemed Foundation. The R. C. Durr Foundation also supported the project to have all laboratory equipment certified, calibrated, and repaired in anticipation of students returning to the laboratory. We look forward to the enthusiasm of students bringing life into the lab again after several years of reduced in-person learning!


Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

ovarian cancerSeptember is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and the American Association for Cancer Research, in collaboration with the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer, is presenting the Virtual Ovarian Cancer Research Series. Epithelial ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynaecologic cancers and has the highest mortality rate of any female reproductive cancer. This series of four virtual seminars will bring together researchers and physicians to share ideas on ovarian cancer research. Topics will include Healthcare Disparities and Patient Advocacy, Immuno-oncology, Precision Medicine, and Prevention and Early Detection. Because of a long-standing interest in ovarian cancer research at Wood Hudson, Dr. Julia Carter will be attending these four virtual seminars throughout the month of September. Wood Hudson scientists have published peer-reviewed journal articles on genetic variants in ovarian cancer, potential new biomarkers, and changes in transcription factors during ovarian cancer progression. We anticipate these virtual seminars will help to move the field forward in research on this devastating disease.  



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