Research Staff:
Julia H. Carter, Ph.D. President and Sr. Staff Scientist
Anthony B. DeAngelo, Ph.D. Collaborating Senior Scientist
Larry E. Douglass, M.D. Director of Pathology
James A. Deddens, Ph.D. Biostatistical Consultant
Diane W. Fritz, M.S. Visiting Staff Scientist and Education Consultant
Jeremy R. Graff, Ph.D. Collaborating Scientist
Ronald D. Snyder, Ph.D. Collaborating Scientist
Zachary Taylor, Ph.D. Visiting Scientist and Collaborator

Research Assistants:
Adrian Guy, B.S. Research Assistant

Biospecimen Repository Center Staff:
Elyse Hawkins, B.A. Tissue Bank Manager
Denise Lucas, HT/ASCP Histologist

Administrative Staff:
Sharon Bresser, Bookkeeper
Carole Ewald, Admin. Assistant
Georgia Kinman, Director of Development
Bill Meader, Facilities Manager

Board of Directors     

The Wood Hudson Officers and Board of Trustees govern the not-for-profit, publicly supported organization. The Trustees and Officers are ultimately responsible for Financial Planning, Legal Matters, Evaluating and Recruiting Research Scientists and Research Collaboration, Fund Raising, Facilities, Audits and Strategic Planning. We thank this group of civic minded individuals for donating their time and talents to Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory.

Julia H. Carter, Ph.D., President

Sidney W. Carter, Ph.D., P.G.

Larry E. Douglass, M.D.

Larry is a pathologist who is also interested in edible and medicinal plants. He teaches Sunday School because he is interested in learning about spiritual things. Larry is part of Wood Hudson because:

My job is to help my fellow man.

My challenge is to find my few small truths.

My goal is to always be part of something bigger and more important than myself.

Jeremy Graff, Ph.D.

Douglas J. Hartman, M.D.

Robert J. Layton, C.P.A., Treasurer

Kathleen M. Mueller, R.N., M.B.A.

Kathy is Registered Nurse with a Master degree in Business. She has worked as a volunteer at Wood Hudson for over 30 years. Kathy worked as Manager of Government and Business Relations for Bethesda Hospital and Manager of the Women's Center at Mercy Hospital Anderson. Since retirement, Kathy has participated in Medical Missions in Bulgaria, China, Serbia, Macedonia, Kenya, Kosovo, Colombia and Guatemala.

Michael P. Murray, CRFE

Mike is a chief fundraising officer and events coordinator, and currently the Director of Stewardship and Mission Services for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington. He serves on the board of Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory because his son Kevin was a UREP student for three years (2010-12), and this is Mike's way of giving back and thanking the Lab for all the good they have done for him. Mike is a former high school band director, so his interests include many forms of music and the field of music education. He is also a huge fan of the game of golf, and enjoys interactions with many friends on the golf course AND travels across the pond to play links courses in Ireland.

Robert E. Sanders, Esq., Secretary

Robert E. Sanders is a trial lawyer of national reputation and the Proprietor of The Sanders Law Firm, P.S.C., in Covington, Kentucky. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees at Wood-Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory since 1990. Bobís hobbies include spending time with his four grandchildren, historic preservation of the Charles H. Fisk House in Covington, shooting sports, and motorcycling.

Mark Shields

Mark is a Project Executive for Messer Construction; he manages the design and construction of large complex buildings. He is interested in the physical aspect of life in combination with the outdoors and construction. Serving on the board at Wood Hudson is Mark's opportunity to give back to others, as he has benefitted from others assisting him. His son Robert was part of the UREP program, who has since completed his education and is now a doctor.

Ronald D. Snyder, Ph.D.

Ron received his BS from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA and both an MS and PhD from Emory University in Atlanta. He completed a post doctoral degree at Oak Ridge National Labs and Johns Hopkins. He has played leadership roles in assessing the safety of novel chemical entities for Stauffer Chemical Co, Marion Merrell Dow, Abbott Labs, DuPont Pharma, Bristol Myers Squibb, Schering-Plough Pharma and most recently, Merck Pharma. He also spent two years at Wood Hudson. He has authored or co-authored over 123 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters which, excluding self-citations, have been cited over 4800 times in more than 1000 different scientific journals. Ron has remained active in scientific societies and journal editorial review boards, and serves as a consultant for Pharma in Genetic Toxicology.

Rev. Ronald Summers, D.Min.,D.D.

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